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Chocolate Cream Pie and Chilean Empanadas

I just wanted to share with you what we had for dinner last night. I am honestly trying to get back into the “posting” mode. So here it is……………. Chocolate Cream Pie This is for the chocolate lover. It is very rich and creamy and delicious! Made with (soaked) nuts, oats and coconut crust. I … Continue reading

Water Kefir, and Apple-ginger-lemon Drink

http://gnowfglins.com/2010/01/19/tuesday-twister-blog-carnival-2010-01-19 Tuesday Twister time—Better late than never! WATER KEFIR –BLUEBERRY POMEGRANATE FLAVOR I finally made water kefir again. We liked this one much better than the last (pineapple flavor). I flavored this one with some blueberry, pomegranate juice. Very tasty and my body has finally gotten used to this stuff. Next I want to make a ginger … Continue reading

Chilean Scones (Sopaipillas)

In Chile it is tradition to make sopaipillas when it rains.  It has rained here in Utah more than ever this year, so we kept with tradition. Topped with honey butter and eggs on the side.   My husband likes eggs sunnyside up, then he dips the scone into the egg yolk. Another traditional Chilean … Continue reading

Glorious Strawberries!

These strawberries came from my garden this year! I love home grown fruits and vegetables. There is nothing like watching the plant grow, then eating the fruit right off the vine. I added some sliced banana and raw cream. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Tiffany’s Chicken Nuggets

Not the most appetizing picture….I know! I just had to show it because it took me FOREVER to carve this much chicken off of the 40 pound BLOCK of chicken I got from the freezer. When I brought home the 40 pound box of chicken breast about 2 months ago, I had to run out … Continue reading

Homemade Marshmallows

  This is just the plain chocolate marshmallows. I used a round lid to cut them out. I would have made them bigger, but my family ate 3/4 of the pan of marshmallows before I could get to them. I just didn’t have much left to work with. I will take it as a compliment … Continue reading