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Chocolate Cream Pie and Chilean Empanadas

I just wanted to share with you what we had for dinner last night. I am honestly trying to get back into the “posting” mode. So here it is……………. Chocolate Cream Pie This is for the chocolate lover. It is very rich and creamy and delicious! Made with (soaked) nuts, oats and coconut crust. I … Continue reading

Tuna Salad, Salad

This is part of Tuesday Twister at http://www.gnowfglins.com We enjoyed this tuna salad, salad this past week, among many other things. However this is the only picture I have. This recipe is simple, nutritious, and very easy to make. I am happy to announce that those greens on that plate all came from my garden! … Continue reading

Tuesday Twister

 http://gnowfglins.com/2010/04/20/tuesday-twister-blog-carnival-2010-04-20/ Here is a small recap of my past week for Tuesday Twister: Lentil Soup with Soaked Lentils and Brown Rice using the directions from Wardeh’s eCourse. Sourdough Waffles from Erin (guest post on http://www.gnowfglins.com) Thanks Erin for a great and EASY recipe! That’s all the pictures I have. I also made Erin’s recipe for … Continue reading

Sprouted Wheat Bunny Cakes

http://gnowfglins.com/2010/04/06/tuesday-twister-blog-carnival-2010-04-06 Well, well, well it has been a VERY long time since I have posted anything on here. Not only am I in school at The Institute of Integrative Nutrition but I have also been taking the eCourse from http://www.gnowfglins.com which just happens to be the sponsor of this Tuesday Twister. (You have to try Wardeh’s … Continue reading

Tuesday Twister

http://gnowfglins.com/2010/02/16/tuesday-twister-blog-carnival-2010-02-16/ This week…………………….. I made Roast Chicken with gravy and mashed potatoes. Chili Lemon Bars Salad with Raw apple cider vinegar dressing Quinoa Kefir (ginger flavor) Homemade pizza with sourdough pizza crust And french fries for my kids AND, I am so excited. I have found a food co-op to get good produce. I will … Continue reading

Chocolate Candies-Tuesday Twister

http://gnowfglins.com/2010/02/09/tuesday-twister-blog-carnival-2010-02-09 I made a few batches of chocolate candies for a cooking class that I was doing and thought you might like the recipes for Valentines day. The following picture goes with the first recipe: The texture of the chocolate on these is similar to tootsie rolls. Not the melt in you mouth kind of … Continue reading

Spumoni Cookies in Tuesday Twister

http://gnowfglins.com/2010/02/02/tuesday-twister-blog-carnival-2010-02-02 I really love the flavor of spumoni ice cream, something I haven’t eaten in a very long time. So I decided to try my hand at making spumoni cookies. Chocolate, almond and cherry flavor. I started out by chopping some almonds that were soaked and dehydrated according to Nourishing Traditions, AND some dried cherries. … Continue reading

Quinoa in Tuesday Twister

http://gnowfglins.com/2010/01/26/tuesday-twister-blog-carnival-2010-01-26 I’ve been making and eating a lot of quinoa lately. YUMMY! For breakfast I heat some quinoa with butter, sprinkle some sea salt and cayenne pepper on it and call it good. It’s a quick, warming breakfast. Last night I made split pea soup that I added quinoa to, again very good. Sorry, no … Continue reading

eCourse for healthy simple eating!

A friend of mine just came out with an eCourse. Learn how to eat real food, simply made and can fit any lifestyle! Check it out! (http://gnowfglins.com/2010/01/25/giveaway-ecourse-membership/) Thanks Wardeh, it’s amazing!

Potato Kale Curry Bisque

This is for Penny Wise Platter over at : http://www.thenourishinggourmet.com/2010/01/pennywise-platter-thursday-12110.html Enjoy! Potato Kale Curry Bisque 2 tbsp butter 2 tsp curry powder 1 medium sweet onion, chopped ¼ tsp fresh-ground black pepper 3 cups chicken broth 2 medium red potatoes 5 large leaves kale, chopped 1 stalk celery, chopped 1 tsp sea salt 1½ cups … Continue reading