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Tuesday Twister


Here is a small recap of my past week for Tuesday Twister:

Lentil Soup with Soaked Lentils and Brown Rice using the directions from Wardeh’s eCourse.

Sourdough Waffles from Erin (guest post on www.gnowfglins.com)

Thanks Erin for a great and EASY recipe!

That’s all the pictures I have. I also made Erin’s recipe for Sourdough English Muffins–the first time I made them they turned out PERFECT. This time I didn’t quite have enough flour in them and they were much harder to cook through without burning the outsides. My bad!

I made homemade hamburgers with homemade buns, I made Wardeh’s Basic Soaked Muffins, Quinoa, and Rye Bread.

I will be posting the Rye Bread recipe soon, just have to make it more NT friendly. I tried it without doing that first, to see if I would like it, and if it would turn out okay. It is the ONLY rye bread I have made at home that has turned out really good, and I actually WANT to make it again.

That’s been my week, what about you?



One thought on “Tuesday Twister

  1. Sounds like you had a busy week!
    Just thinking about those yummy waffles (and seeing your picture) makes me hungry for them again. Hmmm. Waffles for dinner should be okay 🙂

    Posted by Millie @ Real Food for Less Money | April 20, 2010, 11:37 pm

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