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I just wanted to remind all of us about the health benefits of walnuts.

But before I do that I want you to know where to get walnuts.

Look around your own neighborhood. Most people who have fruit and/or nut trees have more than they can use. Ask if you can have some. They are usually more than happy to share. It ends up being less work for them, less fruit or nuts to clean up from their lawns. AND they are happy that the fruit and nuts get used and eaten instead of rotting.

The walnuts in the above picture came from my aunt who has a black walnut tree. I also have some other walnuts (don’t know what kind) that came from my sister in laws, in laws home.

In order to get the MOST from your nuts you should soak them in salt water and then dehydrate them until crisp. All nuts are delicious this way and you will retain more nutrition from the nuts if you do this. (It breaks down the phytic-acid in the outer layer of the nut, allowing your body to receive and utilize the nutrients from the nuts.)


High in fiber—

B vitamins

Vitamin E

High in omega 3 fatty acids, most people don’t get enough in their diets.

Great for cardiovascular health

You don’t need to eat pounds of walnuts every day to achieve better health. 4 walnuts a day have been shown to make a significant difference.


**Often times the regular walnuts you purchase in the store have preservatives in them. Make sure you get your walnuts from a good source.


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