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Grape juice


It is almost grapejuice season, so get ready!!

Okay, this is what you need to do to prepare;

1-Drive around your neighborhood or an older neighborhood.

2-Look for grape vines.

3-Determine if the grapes are concord.

4-Go knock on the door where you found the concord grapes.

5-Ask the lovely people who live there if they will be using the grapes.

6-If they say yes, tell them “okay thanks anyway.”

7-If they say no, ask if you can have them.

8-If they say that you can have them, tell them you will be back after the first frost. (If that’s okay with them).

9-Don’t forget to go back after the first frost. (The reason you want to wait until after the first frost? That brings out all of the natural sweeteners in the grapes, so you will not need to add any sweetener)

10-Pick the grapes. Bring the kids they can help.

11-Take the grapes home.

12-Rinse them off.

13-Put them in your steam juicer, and process according to manufacturers directions.


14-Try not to drink all of your juice before next year.


15-This juice make the absolute BEST popsicles!!

Good luck!


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