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Turkey Soup

I made this soup with some leftover turkey that we had. Not all of the  pictures turned out for the whole turkey, so I may not be posting those. I don’t cook whole turkeys very often, so it will be a long time before I am able to re-do the pictures. I don’t have a recipe for … Continue reading

Glorious Strawberries!

These strawberries came from my garden this year! I love home grown fruits and vegetables. There is nothing like watching the plant grow, then eating the fruit right off the vine. I added some sliced banana and raw cream. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Sprouted Wheat Biscuits

In my last post about biscuits I stated that I don’t really care for them much. WELL……..I think I found MY biscuit! These tasted delicious! This is how I cut them out. ONLY once. When you mess with the dough too much they get tough. So I would rather have mishapen biscuits than tough biscuits. … Continue reading

Payment method problems

I apologize once again for taking so long to contact all of you (Raw Dairies) and for not having a proper payment method for my promotional offer. I went into this deal totally unprepared! I assure you that I am diligently working on the situation and will figure out something. I have spent the last few days … Continue reading

Jumble Cookies

I like cookies with a lot of stuff in them. These have naturally sweetened chocolate chips, naturally sweetened peanut butter chips, raisins and nuts. Here I am creaming the butter, honey, eggs and raisin or date puree together. With the remaining ingredients added. The finished product. No–there aren’t any left:(           … Continue reading

Real Milk

A Campaign for Real Milk is a project of The Weston A. Price Foundation. For sources of Real Milk visit our WHERE pages.  Got to http://www.realmilk.com   I cannot express enough the importance of raw milk in my life! It was the last dietary change that I made, and the one that I believe saved … Continue reading


Chopped potato, chopped garlic, chopped onion. I was recently looking at recipes from Great Depresson Era to see how people survived. The answer–potatoes. So I thought why not put some in taco meat? I scrubbed 1 potato and chopped it very fine with the skin on. Ground beef with onions, garlic and potatoes. Cook until … Continue reading

Bosch Class June 10th at Noon

We will be making  Chicken Salad made with fruit, whole grain pasta and homemade dressing. AND Quinoa Tabouli which is a salad also made with fresh parsley, fresh lemon juice, olive oil and garlic. Light and refreshing. Great for a summer dinner or lunch! The class is FREE so come and have lunch with us! … Continue reading

Soaked Whole Wheat Biscuits

To tell you the truth, biscuits are not really one of my favorites. But if you are going to make biscuits, these are a great  choice. Even though they are made with whole wheat they turn out light and fluffly. They are not perfectly shaped because I only roll them out once. The less you … Continue reading

Cracked Wheat Raisin Bread

This bread is SOOOOO good! A friend made it for us about 15 years ago. I had forgotten about it all this time. The other day I remembered, and found I still had the recipe. Glad I tried it! I of course adapted it to be made with whole wheat and honey instead of white … Continue reading