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Real Eggs


Let’s talk eggs.

Did you know that “real eggs” contain all nutrients known to man except vitamin C? Eggs are a super food…..IF you get the right ones.

The best eggs are free-range, fertile eggs. Free-range chickens are allowed to peck in the dirt, eating rocks and worms imparting minerals into the eggs. Fertile eggs, which means a rooster gets to hang out with the (chics) hens, have an added chemical hormone (lecithin) which naturally counteracts cholesterol.

                 A normal healthy chicken will lay 1 egg about every 48-72 hours. Commercially raised chickens are laying about 3 in the same amount of time. The hens are placed in an artificial environment. They are put into cages in which they can hardly even turn around in. The lights are turned off in these big warehouses and a recorded rooster crows about every 8 hours instead of every 24 hours then “switch” the lights come back on. These animals are tricked into laying more eggs. They are also pumped full of hormones and antibiotics. Because of the close proximity of all the animals, disease and infection spread fast. Part of their feed includes ground up dead chickens. (And the point of that is???)

Many people are starting to raise their own chickens in the backyards of America. Most cities will allow chickens in backyards–maybe not a rooster, but at least you could have laying hens.

If you don’t already know–chickens will lay eggs without a roosters help.

Incubating eggs to hatch is a little more difficult, so you might want to just order the chicks already hatched instead.

As soon as we move, I will be getting some laying hens—you should too!



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