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Apple Pie with Sprouted Wheat Crust

This is the sprouted, dehydrated, wheat flour. 3 cups with 2 tbsp evaporated cane juice, and 1 tsp sea salt. Just your typical pie crust–right?

Now for the fun part! You are going to add 1 1/4 CUPS of butter!! YES!! Am I telling you to eat this everyday of your life? No–Do I think butter is bad–NO!
We have been lied to about fats. Saturated fats in particular. Saturated fat is quickly absorbed into the body for a boost of energy and helps in healing. The evil of all evils is not butter, it is hydrogenated oils, otherwise known as trans-fat. Even the beloved canola oil falls into this category. I know, I know it says right on the side of the canola oil bottle 0% trans-fat. The inside of the human body does not know how to read. All it sees is some foreign substance that it doesn’t know what to do with, so it STORES it somewhere.
You can read more about fats on my website www.tiffanystable.com under the Food Facts section. Or if you need more scientific proof go to www.mercola.com and look up saturated fats or canola oil.

Sorry–I tend to get a “little” passionate about butter! Back to the recipe at hand.

You are going to cut in half of the butter until it is very fine, like the above picture. Then you will cut in the remaining butter until it is about pea size or so. Like the picture below. This technique will make the crust nice and light and flaky.
Then you will add milk until it all comes together. I would keep it a little on the moist side. This crust tends to be quite crumbly–especially when rolling it out. That is something I will have to play around with and tweak it a little. This recipe is definitely not a finished product.
(At this point you do not want to work the dough too much, or the crust will turn out hard!)

Just press the dough together into 2 disks. I covered them and put them in the refrigerator, while I got the apples ready.

Sliced the apples, put in some cinnamon, fresh nutmeg, fresh lemon juice, raw honey, sprouted-dehydrated flour, and sea salt. The inside of the recipe is not perfected yet either, so I will not be giving any measurements yet. Besides–I didn’t measure anything when I made it.
I rolled out the dough on a floured surface, it really crumbled when I tried to pick it up and put it into the pie dish. There are 2 alternatives to this problem; 1-You could just place the disk of dough into the bottom of the pie dish and press it into the pan. 2-You could add more milk to the dough, hoping that will keep it together a little more.
I’ll have to try it and let you know.

Poured in the apples. You can see a big blob of honey in the middle.

Again–when I put the lattice work on the top it was falling apart. Ugh!
AND …….yes I do know how to do lattice the right way. I was in a hurry trying to make pie AND get dinner on the table. Plus the dang lattice stuff kept falling apart!! Frustrating.

So this is the finished product. The crust is light and flaky (maybe too flaky?) The apples needed to be a little more soft, and I put too much flour into the apples. The bottom crust turned out a little soggy, and the top crust was too thick.

Other than that—it was perfect! (Sarcasm intended)
You know I really hate it when I work so hard on a recipe and it doesn’t turn out perfectly!
I guess that’s part of the fun in creating–right?
When I have the guts to try again—I’ll let you know.
P.S. We are still eating the pie anyway!


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