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Italian Pasta and Chicken Sausage

I am creating a new topic list. I am going to post as often as possible (with pictures) what I had for dinner. Hope you like it.


This is the first entry. I call it Italian Pasta and Sausage, you can call it YUMMY!


The parmesan cheese looks weird in this picture, once it hit the hot pasta it got white spots on it. It’s not mold!!



The sausage I use is from Harmons, they make their own sausage without any MSG or preservatives, and this one (Garlic Chicken) is made out of chicken not pork. I am not a pork fan.



The sky’s the limit as far as what you want to put into this dish. I always put garlic, fresh or canned tomatoes, and fresh basil. Then the rest depends on what’s in the fridge. Fresh spinach, artichoke hearts, green beans, zucchinni, red bell pepper, fresh mozzarella, etc etc. Served over whole grain pasta. I prefer whole wheat semolina, I don’t really like whole wheat pasta. They taste VERY different to me. But then again I think I have turned into a food snob. Sorry!



We also had a green salad with a VERY simple balsamic dressing.


Balsamic Vinegar (good quality)


Extra-virgin olive oil


A little raw honey


Fresh-ground black pepper


Sea salt



Delicious!! Oh Ya, the Italian Pasta and Sausage recipe is in my book if you are interested.


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