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Brown Rice with Ground Beef and Sauteed Carrots

This is what we had for dinner last night. Although I saved my meat portion for today–because I am experimenting with not eating meat after 3pm.

Ground beef with onions, salt and pepper. Cooked carrots–sauteed in butter and olive oil. I LOVE THESE they turn out so SWEET! And raw spinach–which we threw some dressing on. Fresh lemon juice, salt, pepper, olive oil, a drop of raw honey, garlic powder. Whatever?

I made extra brown rice to use throughout the week. I will end up making Simple Rice Pudding for sure, and probably some other dish as well.

Simple Rice Pudding:Raw milk, raw honey, cinnamon and rice. Great breakfast food!! Quick and easy. You can also make this with cooked barley, soak them overnight first–they are even better.

Brown rice is VERY GOOD! It did take me a few tries to get used to it. What REALLY got me hooked is brown rice with sweet and sour chicken and teriyaki sauce. Not together of course.

So………………..if you are not a fan of brown rice–try it in some really great dishes that have a lot of sauce. Soon you will like brown rice more than white rice. Which I do!!



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