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Bean and Cheese Quesadillas with Homemade Salsa

Okay…there is really nothing to this. Some corn tortillas, black beans, cheese, sour cream, avocado, lettuce. (Quesadilla) Then….some health food store corn chips (they are the best!) And last but not least homemade fresh salsa!!

**I need to give special thanks to Tanner (my camera man and my photo editor!) He is doing a great job–and I am so grateful for his help. I never would have gotten all of these photo’s out last week if it weren’t for him.

Fresh Salsa

8-10 small-medium tomatoes, chopped
¼ cup sweet onion, chopped fine
½-1 cup chopped cilantro
Juice from ½ lemon
1-2 jalapeno’s, finely chopped
Sea salt to taste
Chop the tomatoes, onion and cilantro and mix together in a bowl. Stir in the lemon. Add the sea salt to taste then add the jalapeno to desired heat. Serve with Homemade Corn Chips (page ) or sliced vegetables. This is best at room temperature

Copyright © 2009
By Tiffany Perez
Tiffany’s Table L.L.C.
All Rights Reserved.

I admit it–I am craving spring!! I want warmth-sunlight-and fresh vegetables!



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