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“God’s Key to Health and Happiness” by Elmer A. Josephson

This is a book I was recently introduced to by a good friend. I have found it to be VERY interesting and informative regarding the way we should eat. One of the more interesting facts is…….. You shouldn’t drink water while you are eating. It dilutes the the stomach juices, which makes it harder for … Continue reading

Packing and Cleaning

Sorry for the infrequent posts lately. We are in the process of packing up half of our belongings to get our home ready to sale. And also looking for a new home. We have accumulated WAY too much stuff over the past 17 years living in this home! Does anyone have any tips on staging … Continue reading

Fruit Happiness

This just makes me happy.        That’s all!!

Roasted Vegetables, Green Salad with Balsamic Dressing and Homemade Garlic Bread

Roasted vegetables is one of my all time favorite things!! You can mix and match the vegetables, you can add garlic or fresh herbs or spices. AND it goes with just about anything. Roasted Vegetables 1 sweet potato, peeled 2 large potatoes, peeled 3 large beets, peeled 4 large carrots, peeled 2 leeks, trimmed and … Continue reading

Beans, Brown Rice and fresh vegetables

This is what I had for dinner 2 nights ago. The rest of the family also had some beef that I cooked for a few hours in a dutch oven. Quite tasty if I do say so myself. I’ve been on a bean kick lately, trying to get that extra protein in. I recently learned … Continue reading

“Free Trial–Food Coaching”

Hey everyone— I am launching my food coaching program this week. I am taking on a handful of “free” clients to test out my program. Let me know if you would like to participate. The program will consist of the following and more: Good Food List/Bad Food List Customized 2 week meal plan (You use … Continue reading

It feels like “hail.”

This morning we were talking about the snow that fell yesterday. My daughter asked “was it snow or hail or both.” My 5 year old son said “it feels like hail.” Just something funny to start your day! It is monday you know! Sometimes monday’s feel like “hail.”


Wow am I beat! We just did a marathon cleaning of our backyard in preparation for putting our home up for sale. I have 2 comments about this: 1-It feels good to get rid of junk and accomplish so much. 2-WHY and HOW have we accumulated so much JUNK! When did it all happen and … Continue reading

Taking longer than I thought….

Sorry everyone—this is taking so much longer than I thought to transfer everything.  I will be posting some new pics and recipes soon!

Kristina’s Apple Pudding Cake

http://www.tiffanystable.com/ This is a recipe from my book. A good friend of mine (Kristina) gave it to me. I tweaked it to meet my needs and here is the finished product. It is a VERY RICH dessert, and tastes even better with vanilla ice cream or whipped cream. Kristina’s Apple Pudding Cake 1 cup fresh-ground … Continue reading